We are excited that you are desiring to connect with Mission25 and our mission to provide the pathway of prevention, transition, and restoration for the homeless people of Whitley County. We believe YOUR connection with Mission25 will ensure changed lives will be possible. Your connection WILL empower!

Below are ways for you, your family, your business, your church and all other groups you may be involved with to connect to ensure lives are impacted.

1.    PRAY FOR MISSION25. Pray for our staff, our volunteers and the residents we will have the opportunity to serve. Pray for the child who will enter our doors scared to sleep in a different bed. Pray for the single mom as she works hard to make a better life for herself and her children. Pray for the single men and single women who fight for sobriety each day. Simply pray.

2.    VOLUNTEER FOR MISSION25. We do have volunteer opportunities available; however, we desire to get to know you better. We simply ask that you complete our Volunteer Application (download here) and call our office at 260-244-5266 to schedule a time to meet with our Volunteer Coordinator.

3.    SCHEDULE US TO SPEAK. We would love to speak at your church or organization. We LOVE sharing how Mission25 takes journeys with the homeless of Whitley County and how lives are changed – one life at a time. We ask that you call our office at 260-244-5266 to find a date and time that will work best for our Executive Director to spend time with your congregation and/or small group, or organization.

4.    DONATE NOW. Mission25 serves approximately 80 individuals per year and we cannot do this without the financial support from donors like YOU. We believe that every dollar counts as we journey with the resident and their individualized pathway. Whether you choose a one-time gift, reoccurring gift, a HOPE Revived, Renewed or Restored Sponsorship and/or a Nine, Wine and Dine Sponsorship, ALL proceeds will go directly toward the impact work to ensure that when a resident completes our program, they will be better than when they came in. YOUR donation WILL help to make that happen.