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Mission 25’s Vision

Our vision at Mission 25 is to foster long-term success for every person who participates in Mission 25 programming.

Changing Lives

Mission 25 provides a pathway for recovery, prevention and support for those at risk of housing displacement, substance use disorder, domestic violence, barriers to success, and those feeling hopeless. We will work with individuals and families in Northeast Indiana who are seeking a better way of living.


"Mission 25 continues to work with individuals through the ups and downs of their transition to a new way of life, even if that sometimes takes longer than expected. That kind of grace is rare in our world, but when it is found there is real hope."

Matt and Kim Converse

Over the Years

Follow the journey of Mission 25 and explore the key milestones over the years.

  • A Vision

    In October 1999, the Columbia City United Methodist Church agreed to let Mission 25 use the house next to the church at no cost.

  • Doors Open and Healing Extended

    The first staff members are hired in January 2000 and the shelter opened in February.

  • Shelter Services Expand

    The location at 205 North Chauncy was used from Feb. 2000 to Nov. 2002. During that time the first 60 clients were served. In Nov. 2002, Mission 25 moved to the current shelter services location on West Business 30.

  • Becoming Mission 25

    Previously the Lighthouse, Mission 25 re-branded in 2018 to address growing needs and services for our community.

  • Outreach Service at Miami Village Community Center Begins

    With a strategic vision, Mission 25 began serving a local community in their neighborhood with the first out reach service location serving programmatic and preventative approach for after-school programming.

  • Mission 25 Purchases Housing

    Mission 25 bought 13 units in three locations from a local organization supporter to offer supportive housing for clients who have completed the shelter services.

  • Mission 25 Recovery Engagement Center launched in 2023

    We remodeled a building that was donated to Mission 25 in 2018. This building is a safe space for individuals seeking recovery from any addiction, as well as seeking access to recovery supports, services, and Certified Addiction Recovery Coaches.

Children Learning

What We Stand For

Mission 25 provides service for women, children and men. Through our programming and service lines, there is hope here.

Who We Serve

Mission 25 Team

The Mission 25 team was built with intentionality to aid in recovery, prevention and support. Connect with a staff member to get started.

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Board of Directors

Board of Directors

The Mission 25 Board of Directors are 14 members of our community who value the change the organization is making in the lives of people.

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