Our dedicated and professionally trained MVCC staff have been providing a trauma-informed after school experience for children who live in the mobile home park.

Children are provided with a safe place to participate in after-school programming, receive academic assistance, develop new skills, have a lot of fun, and receive access to therapeutic support. This is essential for their healthy development and well-being.

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Hear from real people how Mission 25's Miami Village Community Center have made a difference in their lives.

We empower individuals to break free from negative patterns and achieve long-lasting positive change in their lives.

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Miami Village Community Center

Miami Village Community Center has helped my family so much and they have helped my daughter do so much better in school.


Miami Village Community Center

I get to do stuff, my homework and activities. It's super fun and sometimes we have birthdays!

Estell & Christian Hirshey

Miami Village Community Center

We love the Miami Village Community Center they do wonderful things with our children and they really help with our children overall and thier school work and attitude and the staff is absolutely fantastic!


Miami Village Community Center

I get to see my friends, we get to celebrate birthdays, I like that the adults help us. I like doing fun stuff in the summer with the adults.

Taylor Simons

Miami Village Community Center

The Miami village community center has made such a big impact on my not just my daughter's life but they've impacted our whole family such a blessing to the community! So many kind caring mentors


Miami Village Community Center

MVCC has impacted my life by simply just being there for my kids and loving on them! My kids look froward to going to the MVCC! They’re helping all the kids to learn how to cook, teaching them how to do chores. They help them with learning how to handle their emotions in a positive way! I’m just so thankful for MVCC and the people that show up to be there for my kids every day!

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