"As a community, Mission 25 is providing the work of Jesus Christ. They are the hands and feet. "

Nicki Venable, Ambassador Enterprises

Matt Shipman


Bloom Gates Shipman & Whiteleather


Scott Allison

Vice Chair

Allison & Associates Insurance

Principal Owner

Cassandra Bumbaugh


Scientific and Regulatory Consultants, Inc.

Chief Financial Officer

Melinda Woll


Edward Jones

Financial Advisor

Doug Fahl

Board Member

Whitley County Superior Court


Jeff Rockett

Board Member

Parkview Hospital - Whitley/Koskiusko County

Vice President of Member Services

Kennedy Saggars

Board Member

Whitley County Consolidated Schools

Communications Coordinator

David Jost

Board Member


Senior Vice President Comercial

Todd Jones

Board Member

Star Insurance


DJ Sigler

Board Member

State of Indiana

Whitley County Prosecuting Attorney

Nicki Venable

Board Member

Ambassador Enterprises

Director of Civic Engagement

Wesley Mullett

Board Member

Indian Springs Middle School


Andy More

Board Member

More Farm Store


Lindsey Grossnickle

Board Member

Whitley County Prosecutor’s Office

Deputy Prosecutor

Mission 25 Committees

The Executive Committee will comprise of the officers of the Mission 25 Board of Directors and CEO. The Board of Directors will elect officers on an annual basis. The committee will ensure that the Mission 25 Board of Directors receives ongoing board development, evaluation of the board members and CEO, and address any additional organizational needs that may arise. - Meetings will take place on a monthly basis and/or on an as needed.

The Finance Committee will comprise of the Mission 25 treasurer, CEO, and up to 4 individuals with a finance and/or analytical background. The Finance Committee will work together on the annual budget and meet mid-year to assess the financial health and determine the financial needs of the organization. – Meetings will take place quarterly.

The Fund/Donor Development Committee will comprise of Mission 25 board members, CEO and 1-2
community members who have an understanding of fundraising and development. This committee
will think strategically of how to increase revenues while diversifying the funding streams. The
committee will develop an annual Development Plan for the organization and work closely with the
CEO to ensure the plan is appropriate and is accomplishing donor engagement. This committee will
be the sounding board for the CEO in regards to fundraising events and donor
development/engagement. – Meetings take place every other month and/or as needed.

The Marketing / Communications Committee will comprise of a Mission 25 board member, CEO and 1-3 community members. The committee will creatively identify marketing tools to provide a clear message about the organization, the brand, who we serve, how we serve and organizational needs. The committee will develop tools and resources for presentations, mailers, fundraising events, social media promotions and other tools deemed as necessary. The committee will collaborate with the Fund/Donor Development Committee on the annual Development Plan. – Meetings will take place every other month and/or as needed.

The Outcome/Measurement Committee will comprise of Mission 25 board member(s), CEO, a Mission 25 staff member, and a community member. The committee will work to strengthen and measure current programming and develop new programming for the clients served by Mission 25. The committee will develop measuring tools to help quantify the service provided and measure the ongoing need for Mission 25 in Whitley County. – Meetings take place quarterly.

The Building Committee is a short-term committee that will comprise of Mission 25 board member(s), Mission 25 CEO, and community member(s). The committee will work on identifying a builder, assist in the design of the building, understand the challenges in a building project of this size and working with the builder and CEO in successfully completing a new building for Mission 25 Supportive Services.
– Meetings will take place monthly and/or as needed.

The Facilities Committee will comprise of a Mission 25 board member(s), Mission 25 staff member, and community members. The committee will provide oversight to the Mission 25 Maintenance Technician, and
work on developing a maintenance schedule for all properties. Furthermore, the
committee will assist with identifying, referring and/or recommending hired and/or volunteer
professionals to assist in projects as needed (creating a database of professionals - paid and/or
volunteers). – Meetings will take place quarterly and/or as needed.

The Policy and Procedures Committee will comprise of Mission 25 board members, CEO and up to 2 community members. The committee will have a schedule of policy controls in place, develop new policies as needed, review and/or edit policies on an ongoing basis, develop and maintain organizational documents and maintain a record of policies and procedures. – Meetings take place on a quarterly basis and/or as needed.