Find Support and Resources for Addiction Recovery at Mission 25's Recovery Engagement Center (REC).

REC offers a supportive environment where people can access various recovery meetings, resources, and trained recovery coaches. The REC aims to provide individuals with the necessary tools and resources to help them on their path to recovery. It is a community-focused center that provides the support and resources that individuals need to achieve and maintain a successful recovery. The REC is a place where individuals can feel safe and supported as they work towards overcoming addiction and reclaiming their lives.

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Hear from real people how Mission 25's Recovery Engagement Center have made a difference in their lives.

We empower individuals to break free from negative patterns and achieve long-lasting positive change in their lives.

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Recovery Engagement Center

When I came to Mission 25, I was fresh out of rehab, newly sober, had nothing, and didn’t know who I was or how to live. Being here, at Mission 25, I learned and was shown how to live again and find who I am. They guided me to learn life responsibilities, how to care for myself, helped me with transportation, food, and all the necessities until I could support myself. It gave the support and structure I needed along my journey. Because of Mission 25, I am almost 2 years sober, have a great relationship with my children and family, I continue to go to meetings and also sponsor a young lady now, and I live a good life! I’m grateful for all the staff and what they do to help the women and men in the community! Mission 25 saved my life!

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