Mission 25 Shelter Services, a place fostering long-term success for adults and children.

A place to find support, care, and guidance in life changing work. Our dedicated and professional staff have been providing services in Whitley County and regionally since the year 2000. Our facility is a Division of Mental Health and Addiction: Certified Recovery Residence. Individuals served inside the walls of Mission 25 will receive services that support their mental, emotional, physical, social, and spiritual wellness.

Those served report finding hope, strength, healing, recovery, happiness, and a future – adults and children leave better than when they came in.

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Hear from real people how Mission 25's Shelter Services have made a difference in their lives.

We empower individuals to break free from negative patterns and achieve long-lasting positive change in their lives.

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Chris Raddenbach

Shelter Services

Mission 25 helped me change my life - I went from prison to rehab and then to Mission 25. This place became my home. I now have my driver’s license, a job and am on my way to graduating drug court.

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Shelter Services

When I came to Mission 25, I was at my lowest point. My family and I were fleeing from domestic violence. We had no home, no family, no friends, no hope. Upon arrival my family and I were greeted with a group of the most amazing people. They took us in and have quickly become our friends, and our family and most importantly our home. Through the plethora of programs and resources they offer my family and I have finally been given back hope for our future.


Shelter Services

My favorite thing is knowing that when my brother, Mom, and I get home from her work that supper will be waiting for us. And M25 has really good snacks. I love playing with the toys that my mom learns to make in parenting class. I really like playing outside with my brother and Nichole's kids when it's nice outside--and I like that we're so close to the park. Snuggling at bedtime on the big couch either reading books or watching a Disney show with one of the staff.

I love my mom and dad.


Shelter Services

I appreciate a lot of things about M25, but what stands out the most is...having the support of the staff when they know that my end goal is to be completely self-sufficient.  I enjoy the parenting classes and walking alongside the other moms and women.  We're all in the same boat--trying to figure out how to make it on our own and create a happy home for our kids.


Shelter Services

I really appreciate being around staff that are friendly and love my son, Milton. I'm not really used to being able to count on someone else to help me and both the staff and the other residents are people I can rely on.

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