Prayer Hands

April 7, 2023 Prayer Requests

April 7, 2023

Please pray over Mission 25 and all our funding streams. We are in a season of writing grants for 2023-2024 funding. Pray for focus and the end result being a successful grant award.
Pray for our Miami Village team as we are preparing for summer, as well as hiring summer staff for that program. We are so excited to offer a full summer experience for our Miami Village kids!
Pray over our Recovery Engagement Center as we start adding more groups to the space and increase the visits of those seeking recovery supports, services and coaches.
Pray for 3 families that we are preparing to transition from shelter services to supportive housing within the next 30 days. Even though this is super exciting, it’s also very scary for our families as they move out on their own for the first time ever! There are lots of big emotions all around.
Pray for one of our single moms who is currently on the search for a vehicle. This is a piece of her long-term success plan.
Please pray for our shelter and our MVCC families in general. There are lots of heavy stuff they are going thru.