• Weekly Prep Meetings
    • Every week, we will gather as a larger group and prep the residents for a successful week. Attending topic specific gatherings (daily), going to work as scheduled, keeping scheduled appointments, securing transportation if needed and fulfilling all additional requirements throughout the week will ensure a successful week for a resident.
  • Self-Esteem and Building Healthy Relationships Gathering
    • Tuesday’s gathering will focus on self-esteem and building healthy relationships. We collaborate with the YWCA to provide lessons specifically focused on these very topics. Guest speakers and/or staff members may be asked to lead a session geared towards healthy living in general.
  • Financial Peace University Gathering
    • Wednesday’s gathering will focus on financial stability. We believe residents will gain a new understanding of budgeting and managing their personal finances. These sessions will teach residents how to save money, pay off debt and spend wisely. Each resident will learn how to create a monthly budget based off the principles and techniques from Financial Peace University.
  • Nutrition Gathering
    • Thursday’s gathering will focus on nutritional health and how to prepare healthy and budget friendly meals. We collaborate with the Purdue Extension Nutritional Program to provide lessons specifically focused on food, cooking techniques, recipes, measurements and so much more. Guest cooking instructors and/or staff members may be asked to lead a session geared towards nutritional health.
  • Parenting Sessions
    • Friday’s gathering will focus on parenting techniques, styles, belief systems and so much more. We believe the parents will gain a new understanding of their personal parenting style and will learn new techniques of discipline and structure for their child’s needs. We collaborate with a Nurturing Parenting Program and the B45 Program to ensure parenting specific topics are addressed.
  • Celebrate Recovery
    • Friday’s gathering will focus on hurts, habits and hang-ups. Staff will lead residents through the 12 Steps Recovery Program and Recovery Principles each Friday. Utilizing Celebrate Recovery materials and discussion topics will allow residents to address their individual hurts, habits and hang-ups. 
  • Mental Health Support
    • Residents will be assessed by a mental health specialist and receive ongoing treatment based on the diagnoses and/or treatment plan established for the resident. A resident’s mental health is vital to their individual growth and daily life journey.
  • AA/NA and/or Substance Abuse Group Meetings
    • Residents who are challenged with the barrier of alcohol and/or drug abuse will attend AA/NA recovery meetings and/or substance abuse group meetings to ensure their ongoing sobriety is a priority. We believe in one moment and one day at a time, therefore, we will strive to ensure residents focus on their daily sobriety.


  • Case Management Sessions
    • Every resident will meet with our case manager on a weekly basis. Case Management sessions will allow residents to talk through their challenges and celebrations while establishing weekly goals to ensure a successful individual program.
  • Developing Individualized Plans
    • Every resident will work with our case manager and navigators to establish an individualized plan (to direct and track the growth of the resident).
  • Securing Employment
    • Every eligible resident will work to secure full-time employment. Residents will receive assistance in creating a resume, filling out applications (in writing and/or online), and interviewing techniques. Securing employment will be a part of every eligible resident’s individualized plan.
  • Financial Stability
    • Every resident will establish a budget, open a savings account, learn how to save money, learn how to spend wisely, and pay off as much debt as possible during their stay.
  • Securing adequate housing
    • Every resident will work toward securing adequate housing during the transition period. Our staff will work with each resident to determine how much they can afford for rent, where to look for housing, and work on securing permanent/long term housing.
  • Connected to resources based on specific needs
    • Every resident will be connected to additional resources and services based on their weekly goals, needs and/or their established individualized plans. Resources could include but not limited to: applying for insurance and SNAP benefits, WIC, mental health support, SCAN, Healthy Families, domestic violence support, parenting resources, drug/alcohol support, and any additional services established between the resident and the staff members.


  • Spiritual Growth
    • Residents will be encouraged to develop their spiritual growth through various means. Whether it be church attendance, reading materials, Bible studies, mentorship, attending church event gatherings and any other spiritual growth opportunities. Staff members are available to help residents process their individual spiritual growth needs.
  • Church/Bible Study Attendance
    • Various churches and/or groups will offer opportunities to provide a bible study to residents or invite residents to visit their church. Residents have the opportunity to choose from a multitude of churches to visit on a Sunday or midweek gathering.
  • Restoration Mentorship
    • Residents are encouraged to connect with a restoration mentor that will journey with them as they work through our program. We believe mentor’s will provide a healthy relationship for the resident and encourage the resident to keep going when things seem challenging.
  • Outreach Support
    • When a resident completes our program and secures adequate housing, they will be offered outreach support with our case manager. Outreach support is not required, however, will be strongly recommended to ensure the continued success of the resident as they work through the program.”