December 2023

At just 12 years old, Corine began using drugs and alcohol and continued on that journey for the next 33 years. She had no intention of getting clean three years ago, but she realized if she didn’t get help, she was going to die.

During her time using, she hurt her children, her family and herself. There were times when she hated herself so much, she prayed to God, “just take me, let me die.” Those periods led to a ramping up of her use in the hope that she would not survive. She had lost everything, including her faith in God.

With the realization that if she didn’t do something, her children would be planning her funeral. Therefore, Corine entered a 30-day rehab program and then came to Mission 25.

“Being at Mission 25 was tough and rewarding. The staff there guided me through my recovery in order to become stronger.”

Corine stayed at Mission 25 for nine months. When she left, she “had a huge toolbox of coping skills and recovery tools. The staff helped me be a mom again.” She also got a job, saved money, learned how to pay her bills, and how to support herself.

Corine now sponsors other women in their own journey towards sobriety. In August 2023, she became a peer recovery group leader at the Mission 25 Recovery Engagement Center.

At Mission 25, it is our goal to help individuals achieve long-term success. Corine went from someone who didn’t see a future and needing help, to someone open to receiving help, and who is now serving others on their own recovery journey. We are so proud of her, and we believe she will continue to be an inspiration to others.