Prayer Hands

August 2023 Prayers

December 4, 2023

Pray for us as we go before the WC Development Committee on Monday, August 7.
Pray that the architect signs off of our building prints earlier than 4 weeks from now.
Pray that the State approves our prints quickly.
Pray for the Building Committee and the Board of Directors for all the decisions to be made in the next several months.
Pray that all of Mission 25's financial needs are met - that God continues to provide for all of our programs AND the future needs for the new building.
Pray that our current shelter building holds up; we have faced many challenges over the last several weeks.
Pray for our leadership team as we prepare for our financial audit - August 15.
Pray for one of our single moms and her children as they have just signed a lease for Mission 25 Supportive Housing. We are excited for her, but she is very nervous. This is the first time she has lived alone with her children. Lots of excitement and fears.
Pray for another family as they start down the road toward housing with us.
Pray for all the kids we serve as they begin school in a few weeks.
Pray for all of our MVCC kids - there is a lot of heavy stuff with them and our summer program just ended.
Pray for our MVCC Team as they prepare the building for our after school program, which starts August 14.
Pray for the 3 new women and 2 littles who just moved into our building within the last 1-2 weeks.
Pray for the few individuals whose journey came to an abrupt halt with us; pray for their safety and that their healing begins wherever they land.
Pray for all the recovery groups that are starting at the Recovery Engagement Center and the leaders.
Pray as we look to fill a marketing position with Mission 25.
Pray for our staff as we navigate tough situations, client challenges, child challenges and behaviors, the mental health challenges and substance use challenges. Pray that our staff can care for themselves well so they can care for those we serve well.