Prayer Hands

March 8, 2023 Prayer Requests

April 8, 2023

Pray for the right people to work for M25 - for people that we don’t even realize we need yet. Pray that God opens up His rolodex.
Pray for rejuvenation for our staff - burnout and compassion fatigue is real and can sneak in quietly.
Pray that all the maintenance challenges we are facing are resolved timely and least costly.
Pray for the 2-3 families who are nearing the end of their journey with Mission 25 and as they prepare for housing either with Mission 25 or on their own.
Pray for wisdom and open doors for the future growth of Mission 25! Pray for the financial support to be available before we have to ask.
Pray for an upcoming audit for our organization - for zero to minimal findings.
Pray for approval of a capital grant - if awarded, this will leverage the growth of Mission 25 with greater capacity.