Prayer Hands

July 2023 Praises

July 13, 2023

Praising God for the $3,224,000 grant award for the build of our new facility!!
Praising God for the dedication and intentionality of our board, committee members and staff as we plan for our future.
Praising God for all the interns that are working for M25! They are absolutely incredible and we will miss them when they go back to college!
Praising God for the summer programming we are providing for the kids at Miami Village and the shelter (36 kids in June) - we fed breakfast and lunch, traveled with and took kids on many experiences throughout the month of June. New friendships were made and new skills were taught.
Praising God that we navigated all the transportation needs throughout June - it was crazy traveling with all the kids we were serving.
Praising God for the increased opportunities to provide recovery coaching to those we serve and for those seeking the service.
Praising God that we are the safe space for the kids at Miami Village. June was rough for many of them, and they knew to go to the Community Center when they needed help. We are also thankful that we are available for parents if they need us.
Praising God for the community members who volunteered to teach our kids how to play soccer and for the community members who came out to watch our kids play soccer!!