“Hello, my name is Jeanie and I have been here at the shelter since July 2017. Before I came here, I was with a guy who was very mentally, emotionally and physically abusive. I attempted suicide several times and had been in and out of a mental health facilities to numb the pain – all before coming here. Since I have arrived at the shelter, I have realized and experienced that people do care. I secured employment right away (currently working 2 jobs), have been able to get my car fixed and running, and I am currently saving money for my own place, which I hope to be in by this spring. The staff at Mission25 have really helped me to see that I am a strong person and that I deserve to be loved in the right way. I have experienced some trials while at the shelter. Sadly, my mom passed away while I have been here, but I have received the love and support I need from the staff and those I share this space with. Today, I am thankful that Mission25 has allowed me to be a part of this program. I am better today than when I came in.” Jeanie